Nota Padat Bahasa Malaysia Tingkatan 3

by Focus-A

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Have you ever studied a subject, only to find yourself with pages of facts, but no perfect view on how it fits together? This is where Focus-A Notes can help you. Focus-A Notes is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving. By using Focus-A Notes, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject. Focus-A Bahasa Malaysia Form 3 Notes is specially created by our highly experienced panel of educators to provide the necessary challenge and helps you to achieve the mastery of the subject. All 8 topics of notes have been constructed based on the Malaysian curriculum with the focus on knowledge acquisition and problem solving skills that will make you master every topic in the particular subject.
  Topic 1     Karangan Umum Berita
  Topic 2     Karangan Umum Peribahasa
  Topic 3     Karangan Umum Syarahan
  Topic 4     Kata Nafi
  Topic 5     Kata Pembenar
  Topic 6     Kata Pemeri
  Topic 7     Kata Penekan dan Pembenda
  Topic 8     Kata Perintah