10 Reasons College Students Fail

by Yolanda Hiew

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Being a teacher and advisor, I have heard all sorts of reason given to me when I asked the students about their problems, and why they were absent from class.  I compiled my findings about the mistakes tertiary students made and discovered that the challenges were mainly due to lacking knowledge in study skills. I have listed 10 common reasons why college students fail and some suggested solutions to help them improve.  

The Free eBook - '10 reasons college students fail - How to overcome the obstacles in your study?' is targeted at freshmen, foundation year, and 1st year undergraduate students, including mature students, to be aware of the mistakes most students make in their first year of tertiary study that lead to dropout. Its main objective is to help students find solutions for their study challenges before it is too late.   

Dr. Yolanda Hiew is an expert in teaching and learning.  She has taught at college and university in Malaysia and England. The subjects she has most experience are English for Academic Purposes, English for Business, Linguistics subjects and soft skills. She lived in England for 10 years, studying and working in various professional organisations as a lecturer, social worker, language interpreter, and student mentor to autistic tertiary students.  


    Awesome guide fro college students

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    Students must read!

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    Serving in the academic field for 10 years, I much agree to the author's thoughts on reasons for college students failing to cope with their studies. However, with the right support system & guidance from internal as well as external sources, anyone who is teachable and coachable is bound for success. A must read for all college/undergraduate students and good tips & ideas for academicians out there ??

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    Everyone should read this.

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    A must read for all college students!

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    Its indeed beneficial for all the tertiary students especially when they embark on their new journey in college/uni.

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    Dr yolanda this course and workshop can help student and i am going to promote in my facebook.