Cook Easy, Do It Yourself

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It says skip brunch at cafe, that's right. Do it yourself like a chef. All techniques, recipes, ingredients and methods had been revealed, all you have to do, just follow. Contents of the cook book, clearly indicate easy step-by-step format, to ensure success for anyone, even beginners. Let me share a suggestion, get some friends, colleagues or relatives to your kitchen and share the prepation, then indulge.                                                                   

Then, the next week or meet ups, rotate the venue and execute the dishes, just like in a kitchen organization, but by the way doing it all by yourself, isn't difficult at all. 

This cook book leads to thumbs up finish results, creative dishes and many compliments. What ever you're cooking, will always be an experience. Consuming the finish dish, gives you a memorable experience. When you explore other food, whether in a street or cafes, any similarity, will remind you of something interrelated. 

This Cook Book represents a partial menu of cafes and popular selection, commonly indulged during brunch or high tea hours.                                       

This is a precise work formatted to theory. Now everyone can cook.                        

Chef Marcus 


  • Educating the simple steps of cooking with tips.
  • Exploring ingredients
  • Have fun on weekends
  • Building palate expectation
  • Ability to teach, revise and elaborate further.
  • Able to calculate the cost of the recipe in justifying the selling price, basically understanding the cost.
  • Develop skills, taste bud and indulge.
  • Educating the cooking techniques.
  • Able to summarize menu towards theoritically and practically.
  • Teach, conduct, make it lively and impress your guest.

Instructor Biography

I am a fully qualified Chef with numerous experiences in hotels, restaurants and other establishment concepts. Being in this industry, from a very young age, I have graduated, now certified as a Diploma holder in Hotel Culinary Hospitality by American Hotel Culinary Association. This made me to crave further in the kitchen world, working with many high profile Chefs, Michelin star rated Chefs, in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. I have won recognition awards, publication exposure, media write ups, Chef competitions and lots of testimonial from past Chefs and collobration menu cooking.

Teaching is eternal, we learn, then educate to build our team, organization and future generation. I am a hands-on Chef, teaching many sections, as in Entremetier, Saucier, Pastry, Butchery, Monger, Larder, Garde Manger, Pasta and in trend Molecular Gastronomy.

Much appreciated                                                                          

Chef Marcus

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