Certificate in Hotel Operations

18 Month(s)

Jan Apr Jul Sep

Full Time

Tuition Fee
RM 9610.00


The Hotel Management programmes is designed with an aim to prepare graduates for employment in broad category fields within the service industry that includes Lodging (Hotels/ Resorts/ Clubs), Restaurants, Airlines, Cruise Line, Theme Parks, Transportation, Event Planning and additional fields within the tourism industry such as Front Office, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations and much more.

  1. Principles of Front Office
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Hospitality English 1
  4. Hospitality English 2
  5. Introduction to Hospitality Industry
  6. Computer Application
  7. Food & Beverage Service 1
  8. Food & Beverage Service 2
  9. Food Studies
  10. Safety & Hygiene
  11. Kitchen Operation
  12. Dining Room Service Operation
  13. Malaysian Studies 1
  14. Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Academic Writing
  15. Moral Studies / Islamic Studies
  16. Industrial Placement

Entry Requirement:

  1. 1 credit in SPM
  2. Minimum 1B for UEC Qualification
  • Front Office Assistant
    • To welcome guests
    • To ensure that guests receive high quality service
    • To promote loyalty amongst a broad range of customers
    • To manage a till
  • Reservation Agent
    • The Reservations Agent is the true ambassador for the Hotel brand.
    • Represents and sells all hotels to an individual clientele.
    • As a customer-relations professional, he knows how to make each one of his phone respondents feel unique, and can develop his loyalty efficiently.
  • F&B Captain
    • Arranging the tables
    • Welcoming and serving the guests
    • Clears the tables
    • To supervise the quality of the services offered to customers
    • To train and motivate the dining room assistants and apprentices for which he or she is responsible
  • Bartender
    • Welcome and advise customers
    • Prepare and serve drinks and cocktails
    • Take responsibility for the organisation of the bar
    • Charge customers for their drinks, accept the corresponding payments and manage bar stocks and supplies
    • To ensure service and product quality
    • To ensure the continuity of the equipment supplied for his or her use
    • To look after customer billing and stock of cash
    • To ensure that the bar is clean properly equipped
    • To look after bar customers
  • Housekeeping Team Member
    • To be responsible for cleaning and tidying the hotel bedrooms. In doing so, they must:
    • Do the domestic work required, including changing the bedclothes and cleaning and replenishing the bathroom
    • Check the general condition of the room and notify the Assistant Housekeeper of any malfunction or damage
    • To be responsible for the linen and equipment supplied for his or her use
    • To ensure that brand standards and procedures are applied
  • Commis
    • Looking after the area allocated to him or her
    • Food preparation tasks (mincing, garnishes, etc)
    • Hot and cold cooking tasks (simple cooking, seasoning, etc)
    • Cleaning and tidying the area allocated to him or her
    • The Commis Chef may be required to stand in for his or her superior (Section Chef or Head Chef) when the latter is absent on leave
    • To ensure that health and safety rules are applied and respected (especially HACCP)
    • To look after his or her own area
    • To ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of working areas (floors, equipment, tables, etc)
  • Sales Agent
    • Draws up sales proposals relating to his business, according to hotel procedures.
    • Monitors the competition so as to keep informed about services offered by rival hotels.
    • Schedules his business.
    • Analyses periodical statistics on his business.
    • Develops guest loyalty.
    • Issues guest reminders.
    • Working with the Guest Relations Manager, he ensures that events unfold as expected.
    • Working with the Group Representative, he devises, runs and monitors all seminar events.
    • Processes mailings and various sales initiatives with the help of the entire Banquets sales team.