Diploma in Computer Technology

36 Month(s)


Full Time

Tuition Fee
RM 24500.00


This programme covers information technology concepts and the practical operation of both hardware and software. You will obtain a solid foundation in the theory and application of all aspects of computing, together with the fundamentals of programming. The disciplines are based on real-world industry requirements and will qualify you to get the relevant skills and experience valued by today’s high-tech companies.

As information technology is embedded into almost every aspect of our daily lives, this sector will continue to experience a positive growth in the coming years. Malvern’s Diploma in Computer Technology prepares you for the job market where you will be able to apply the skills and know-how to effectively execute a wide range of services such as software analysis and management, programming as well as web, multimedia and systems development.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Analyse and resolve information technology problems through the application of systematic approaches and diagnostic tools.
  2. Analyse, plan, design and implement computer systems.
  3. Plan, design and implement networking solutions.
  4. Install, configure, troubleshoot, monitor, maintain, upgrade and optimize computer systems.
  5. Install, configure, troubleshoot, monitor, maintain, upgrade and optimize networks.
  6. Use a variety of scripting tools and languages to automate routine tasks.
  7. Participate in the deployment and administration of databases within a networked environment.
  8. Plan, develop and be responsible for data storage to ensure the integrity of information.

General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students
* Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
** Thinking Skills (International Students)

Modules Offered:


Mathematics 1
Fundamentals of Computers
Programming Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Networking
Mathematics 2
Data Structures and Applications
Visual Basic.Net
E – Commerce
*Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
**Thinking Skills (International Students)
Malaysian Studies
General Psychology


Web Designing
Management Information Systems
System Software
Circuit Analysis
Database Concepts
Graphics and Multimedia
Circuit Design & Applications
Computer Systems & Architecture
Systems Analysis and Design
Internet Technology
Digital Circuits
Java Programming
Microprocessor and Microcontroller


Peripherals and Interfaces
Operating Systems
Industrial Training

Full Time Duration

3 years (including industrial training)

Students must have completed

  • SPM (with a minimum of 3 credits and a Grade C in Mathematics) or
  • “O” – Levels or
  • Any equivalent qualifications recognised by MQA

Upon completion, you may pursue your Degree in Computer Technology at any local or foreign institution of higher learning. Talk to our student counselors for more details on your education options.

Alternatively, you may pursue careers within supervisory and junior management positons in both the private and public organisations such as Web Programmer, Network Administrator, Hardware Applicator, System Analyst, Database Administrator, Software Junior Engineer, Helpdesk Support Assistant.