Diploma in Hotel Management

36 Month(s)


Full Time

Tuition Fee
RM 24500.00


The boom in the global tourism industry creates continuous demand for well qualified hospitality personnel. This internationally recognised diploma is highly regarded and has received much praise from the industry, as it offers industry driven modules, preparing you for an exciting and high flying career in hospitality management. Through this programme you will be equipped with knowledge and skills on operations of the hotel and hospitality industry.

The Diploma in Hotel Management at Malvern International Academy has a strong support and commitment from the hospitality industry. Courses have been developed in consultation and continued input from professionals working in the industry. You will find employment in a variety of resorts and hotels throughout the world and enjoy a career that will be demanding, challenging but rewarding. With a dedication to high standards, a sound commitment to success and a strong guest service focus, you will find infinite possibilities in this industry.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and application of technology, as well as oral and written communication competencies needed to function in professional and other settings.
  2. Assess, develop and apply requisite competencies of Hotel Management, to include accounting and finance, cost controls, event planning and management, food production and restaurant operations, sanitation and safety practices, travel and tourism planning and management/leadership and hospitality law.
  3. Analyse, evaluate and solve managerial problems that utilise quantitative reasoning concepts, critical thinking in all sectors of the hospitality industry in a global, cultural and diverse society.
  4. Evaluate leadership and ethical decision-making competencies based on standards set by the industry.
  5. Gather data and assess results, employ problem-solving techniques and use information literacy concepts related to hotel management.

Modules Offered:


English Language A
Introduction to Management
Principles of Economics
Introduction to Hospitality Industry
Introduction to Information System
Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
Thinking Skills (International Students)
Malaysian Studies
English Language B
Business Ethics
Introduction to Accounting
Human Resource in Hospitality
Business Communication
Hospitality Sales & Marketing


Food Studies
Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
Food Nutrition, Safety & Hygiene
Supervision in the Hospitality
Food & Beverage Services
Front Office Operation
Hotel Operation
Food & Beverage Cost Control
Food & Beverage Management
Housekeeping Operation
Legal Aspects of the Hospitality Industry
Food Production
General Psychology


Customer Service
Hotel Industrial Training

General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students
* Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
** Thinking Skills (International Students)

Full Time Duration:

3 years (including industrial training)

Students must have completed

  • SPM (with a minimum of 3 credits) or
  • “O” – Levels or
  • Any equivalent qualifications recognised by MQA

Upon completion, you may pursue your Degree in Tourism & Hospitality at any local or foreign institution of higher learning. Talk to our student counsellors for more details on your education options.

Alternatively, you may pursue careers within supervisory and junior management positions in both the private and public organisations such as Convention Executive, Front Office Executive, Restaurant Manager, Human Resource Manager, Reservation Manager, Training Executive, Spa and Recreation Manager, Guest Service Manager and Front Desk Manager.