Diploma in Business Management

30 Month(s)

Jan Apr Aug Sep

Full Time

Tuition Fee
RM 18440.00


The Diploma in Business Management covers studies in administration, marketing, human resource management and entrepreneurship. In addition, students are exposed to understanding of marketing economics and structures, dynamism in the way different businesses function and the nature of policies that affect businesses.

  1. Introduction to Business
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Introduction in strategic management
  4. Organisational Behaviour
  5. Introduction to Operation Management
  6. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  7. Managing People
  8. Academic English 1
  9. Academic English 2
  10. Business Communication
  11. Principles of Accounting
  12. Introduction to Finance
  13. Financial Accounting
  14. Fundamentals of Marketing
  15. Consumer Behaviour
  16. Computer Applications
  17. Management Information Technology
  18. Micro Economics
  19. Macro Economics
  20. Introduction to Law
  21. Business Mathematics
  22. Quantitative Methods for Business
  23. Research Project

Entry Requirement:

  1. 3 SPM credits and pass in English; or 

  2. O-Levels equivalent qualification; or

  3. 3 Bs and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia for UEC qualification; or

  4. Certificate in Commerce qualification awarded by Olympia College; or

  5. Any other equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

  • Entry level occupations
    1. Service and sales workers (customer services and sales persons, etc.)
    2. Clerical support workers (general office clerks, secretaries, etc.)
  • Intermediate level/supervisory occupations
    1. Administrative professionals (various departments)
    2. Business services and administrations supervisors (various departments – supervisors, team leaders, etc.)