MBA in Health Care Leadership

22 Month(s)

Jan May Sep

Study Mode
Full Time

Tuition Fee
USD 32800.00

Loan Available

Significant changes in the global health care industry have increased the need for dynamic problem solvers and leaders who can manage and motivate a diverse workforce in order to deliver quality outcomes, sound business practice and enhanced patient care.

Today, the health care industry demands more of its leaders than ever before: deep understanding of economics, finance and budget control, health policy, information management systems, patient satisfaction, ethics and legal issues and inter-professional collaboration, as well as how all of these elements work in concert together to produce effective results.

The Program

The Cleary MBA in Health Care Leadership prepares students to use critical thinking, problem- solving skills, assess ethical decision-making in the health care environment, practice applicable management strategies and apply cross-departmental and business communication skills to health care industry business situations. Students earn from mandatory career work experience.

Tuition Fees

Fees depend on transfer credits earned.

Financial and Managerial Accounting     3

Financial Management     3

Health Policy Law and Ethics*     3

Law and Ethics     3

Management and Organizational Leadership     3

Managerial Economics     3

Quality Management*     3

Quantitative Management Analysis     3

Strategic Management     3

Strategic Marketing Management      3

Survey of Global Leadership*     3

Total Credit Hours : 33


*Denotes Concentration | Major Course

Students should submit CLEAR scanned copies of the following by email. Scans should be sent as PDF or JPEG attachments. Photos sent by WHATSAPP are NOT satisfactory:

  1. ID page from their passport (the one with their picture). Some passports have a second page with address and other secondary information. If that page is also in their passport they should scan and email that as well. All documents must bear the same name as their passport. Any variation (such as spelling errors, name changes, etc.) must be explained.
  2. An up to date resume (even if the student has no actual work experience).
  3. Their final undergraduate (Bachelor) degree transcript. If their final transcript is not available yet then they should send the most recent one they have along with an estimate of when the final transcript will be available.
  4. Their actual university degree document.
  5. Confirmation of the language of instruction for their Bachelor Degree.
  6. Any English proficiency test, such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  7. Any additional Tertiary/Higher Education they have done in part or completed.
  8. A one page MBA Admission Essay explaining why they want to complete our MBA.
  9. Student Financial Summary/Summaries for their sponsor/sponsors.
  10. Student Visa Information Sheet (used for advising purposes).
  11. Complete the online registration direct with the university and pay the online registration fee of $60 (MBA).

If you have questions please contact the Director of International Admissions at  the Cleary University Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Potential jobs
There are hundreds of different career options in the health care field that combine business skills with a passion for health care. The following list is only a small sample of the incredible range of job titles.
Nursing Manager • Director of Nursing • Clinic Manager • Hospital Administrator • Healthcare Financial Manager • Human Resource Manager • Information Systems Manager • Medical Products Sales Manager • Pharmaceutical Sales Manager • Managed Care Manager • Marketing/Promotions Manager • Healthcare Consultant • Medical Tourism Manager
*This is only a partial listing!


Potential employers
A diverse range of employers means global career and job opportunities.
Hospitals • Clinics • Nursing Homes • Finance Companies • Medical Tourism Providers • Government / Regulatory Agencies • Managed Care Companies • Pharmaceutical Companies • Marketing & Advertising Agencies • Health Insurance Providers • Medical Equipment Suppliers • NGO's, Universities, and Researchers
*This is only a partial listing!

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