Advanced TESOL Certificate

6 Month(s)

Sep.3 Oct.22 and Dec.3

Part Time

Tuition Fee
RM 3900.00




The  Advanced TESOL Certificate (ATC) is designed for individuals who desire to travel and teach English internationally or locally. It is one of the most practical, comprehensive and innovative Certificate Programs available - popular for people ready for a life-changing year or two abroad. It is also ideal for anyone who wants to leverage on their English Language skills to earn an income, engage in community language classes or to have fun impacting lives positively as a language tutor.



The Advanced TESOL Certificate  is made up of Two 60-hour Courses (A total of 120 hours of study)

Part 1: 60-hour Foundation TESOL Course (in-class)

Our TESOL class size is small to allow for maximum participation and individual attention during the intensive Foundation TESOL course. As such, the number of students per TESOL class is limited to 12 only. However, we require a minimum of 4 registered students to start a class.

Part 2: One 60-hour Specialization Course (over 10 to choose from)

This course is taken directly with Global TESOL College, Canada.



  • Awards you with world standard English teacher credentials.
  • Equips you with the confidence and skills to travel and teach English worldwide.
  • Reinforces your teaching and leadership skills while increasing your knowledge of the English Language.
  • Provides you with the best resources, plus all the support you will need to successfully enter the English teaching arena both at home and abroad.

Advanced TESOL Certificate Program (ATCP) 

ATCP (Part 1): Foundation TESOL Course Curriculum

  • Approaches, methods and techniques: Student biography exchange, micrologues, macrologues, The Dynamic method...
  • Lesson planning: Lesson plan templates, useful tips and suggestions, course outlines, games in the classroom...
  • English levels: Beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced.
  • Teaching demo: Planning, preparation, presentations.
  • Using music in the classroom: Music pedagogy, steps for teaching a song, songs with lyrics, adapting songs for content retention, cloze exercises...
  • Using video in the classroom: video materials for the classroom, lesson samples...
  • Listening comprehension: Techniques for teaching listening, listening exercises, common reductions...
  • Vocabulary retention: Techniques for teaching vocabulary, Dolch word list, English as a Foreign Language, slang, expanding vocabulary, most common English words ...
  • Classroom Management: Teaching children, Teaching adolescents, Teaching adults, Methods for teaching different category of learners, classroom trust, appropriate activities and resource materials available...
  • Pronunciation: Techniques, voiced vs unvoiced sounds, 'schwa' sound, speech production, articulation, International Phonetic Alphabet, tongue twisters, rhythm, speech stress, emphasis, problem sounds, minimal pairs, and common errors.
  • Linguistics: Aspects of linguistics, phonetics ...
  • Reading: Developing reading comprehension skills, reading materials, reading comprehension tasks for the classroom, reading skills, sample lesson plans, reading activities.
  • Writing: Techniques for teaching writing, guided writing, the writing process, the "COPS" proofreading strategy, approaches to teaching TESOL writing, speaking and writing, keeping a writing journal, creative writing, correction symbols, student editing...
  • Communication: Preparing and presenting a speech, Communitive Language Learning Method, situations to promote discussion, drama, skits, role-play, discussions, various communication tasks and sample lesson plans.
  • Spelling & Punctuation: Learn how to spell in Eight Easy Steps, spelling recommendations and rules, British/Canadian/American spelling, commonly misspelled words, punctuation and punctuation rules.
  • Grammar: A common sense grammar guide, review verb tenses, parts of speech, grammar theory, identifying the challenges, designing activities, three dimensions of language, communicative phase of grammar teaching, pedagogical issues of teaching grammar, sample lesson plans, various games and activities.
  • Student assessment: Assessing student needs. TESOL levels, topics to teach at various levels, learning styles, evaluating students, sample assessent tools, and various exercises.


ATCP (Part 2): Specialization Course

Choose ONE Specialization Course

Download the materials from Global TESOL College, Canada 

  1. Teaching Children English
  2. Teaching Adolescents English
  3. Teaching Adults English
  4. Teaching Grammar
  5. Tutoring English
  6. Teaching Business English
  7. Teaching Tourism English
  8. Teaching Computer English
  9. Teaching Medical English
  10. Teaching Legal English
  11. Teaching TOEFL


  1. Anyone who is 18 years of age and above
  2. Anyone with a good command of English, especially conversational English.
  3. Anyone who has a distinction or C3 in their "O-Level" English exam or its equivalent.
  4. In lieu of item "3" above, a person must have more than 5 years working experience in an English speaking environment. (documentary evidence of employment is required)


ATCP PART 1: Foundation TESOL Course in-class Schedule 

Full attendance is required for the intensive Foundation TESOL Course which is conducted over 6 consecutive days. The 6-day class schedule is as follows:

Monday - Thursday : 6.15 p.m. - 9.45 p.m.

Friday - Saturday :    9.15 a.m. - 5.15 p.m.



ATCP Part 1: Foundation TESOL Course

  1. Prepare a mini lesson plan, as a group project, for teaching vocabulary to zero-level learners.
  2. Conduct a mini-teaching demo based on the prepared lesson plan.
  3. Review reading list before taking the FTC: Final examination, which is included in the Foundation TESOL course. 
  4. Achieve at least 75% in the self-administered Final exam.



In order to complete the 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate Program, at least one Specialization Course must also be completed successfully. This is done by way of passing a real-time online Internet-Based Examination (IBT) with Global TESOL College, Canada.

  1. Access and download the modules for the Specialization course chosen.
  2. Review the modules to prepare for the Specialization course exam
  3. Take the online IBT for the Specialization course.


Teaching conversational English from a North American perspective, TESOL has become an industry with global demand. Countries in South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia require an ever increasing number of trained English teachers.

Our 60-hour Foundation TESOL Course contains units on every aspect of language acquisition, as well as a real teaching opportunity in a simulated teaching environment.

The Advanced TESOL Certificate Program also includes critical information on how to prepare and apply for Teaching English positions worldwide. Global TESOL grads will have access to all job search information in the Global TESOL College website via their Grad Cafe.