The road to happiness is long and full of obstacles. Often, in the quest to get to the end, we make all the wrong decisions. These decisions sometimes bring us a lot of sadness. But, that does not mean we don't embark on the journey of life altogether. Each mistake we make is an experience or lesson for tomorrow. We become stronger through the lessons we learn as we walk along the road called life. Thus, Road to Happiness is a compilation of six short stories that focus on values that are essential for a happy life. Among others, the values that are focused on are: respect for one's parents, obeying law and order, hard work, dedication, respecting one's neighbours and the community, abiding to the social contract, honesty and moderation. The stories touch on everyday issues such as drugs, determination, neighbours, dishonesty, love and the internet. They are suitable for everybody but should be read most importantly by teenagers and young adults who are ready to embark on the journey of life. Road to Happiness was not written with the aim of preaching about practising good values but with hope that it will enable you to make the right decisions in life. The inspirations for these stories came from real incidences which was witnessed by the author.

Instructor Biography

Sasikala Nallaya is a lecturer in the English Language Department of the Faculty of Languages, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. Though, she teaches academic courses to undergraduates, she is especially passionate about creative writing. Her other works include Ghost Stories in the City and Polish your English which is an academic text for undergraduates.

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