Frequently Asked Questions

What is MindAppz?

MindAppz is an intervention created to address the needs of the younger generation who thirst for innovation and technology to be implemented in their learning process. Easy and on-the-go, MindAppz enable users to search for a wide variety of popular courses around the world. MindAppz is a platform where they can post and share their questions on a subject matter with their friends and followers that they have connected with.

How do I register?

You can get your invite link to register as a user from various agents that are promoting MindAppz through different sources.

Why do I need to insert my country during registration?

The popular courses will be arranged in accordance to the country of the user, popular courses for a certain country may be different than others, and therefore by inserting your country, the experience would be more delightful.

Why is there a need to proclaim myself a student?

Mindappz registration pops this question in order to give users a smooth experience; courses will be listed according to the level of the users.

How do I edit my profile?

There are two icons which enable you to edit your profile on MindAppz. They are located on the middle of your homepage and also at the top corner on your right. The things that you can edit are listed there.

How do I connect with new friends?

Besides the edit profile on the left of your homepage, there is the connect button where you can search for your friends and connect with them. By doing so you will be able to see their status updates and their activities.

Who gets to see my posts/ thoughts on other profiles?

The people that you have connected with and also users that have connected with the page that you’ve posted on. Mindappz is a platform that enhances the learning process so be sure to post positive thoughts.

What is the function of the home button?

If you ever get lost or confused, click the home button which will ensure you to go back to your homepage. It is also where you can see your news feed and the activities of the people you have connected with.

What is the M-Store?

The M-store is an online book store where you can skim through the list of courses just from your computer.

How can I search for courses?

On the top left of your homepage is the option bar where you can select the M-store to view the available courses. Click on the tab to select your desired courses according to categories or the most purchased courses from MindAppz by other users.

What is the list of categories located in the M-Store used for?

The list of categories gives a broader perspective on the courses of your interest; you may select specific courses from academic, development, business, IT and software, personal development, design, marketing and many more.

How do I know if a course is suitable for me?

You can click on the icon of the course you want to purchase in order to read reviews from other users before purchasing. If you feel the course is right for you, click ‘Buy Now’, if you want to purchase the course later, put it to your wishlist to make things easier.

Who owns the content published on MindAppz?

MindAppz is a platform where instructors can upload their courses online to be purchased by learners; the content providers are solely responsible for the content that they upload. MindAppz will not bear any liability issues pertaining to the copyright of the content.

What is ‘Wishlist’?

The wishlist is the heart tab located on the top right corner of your homepage; it is where you can list down the courses that have caught your attention, and you want to keep it in view for later purchases.

What is ‘Academy’?

The Academy is used to view the top performers and be recorded in the rewards list to be viewed by MindAppz academy community. In this tab, users can also view the recent lessons that they have attempted. Users in the academy will discover a new tab, the ‘Library’.

What is M-Learn?

All the courses that have been purchased will be stored in the M-Learn enabling users to redo the courses that have been done in order to fully grasp the subject matter.

How do I purchase a course?

a. Click Buy Now at the course you intend to purchase
b. Sign Up as a user
c. At the checkout page, Click Pay Online and follow the steps
d. Upon successful transaction, The courses that you purchased will be stored inside M-Learn which is your Digital Library
Reminder - Do not press the back or cancel button while making payments and be sure to be logged in while purchasing the courses

Is there an auto log out period?

If users remain idle for more than 20 minutes, they will be automatically logged out from the application to avoid unwanted circumstances. Please make sure you are logged in before doing any activity.

Need any help or further enquiries?

Send your email to [email protected] to ask any specific questions or if you encounter any problems regarding the application.

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