Clearly, the world today is more complex and challenge as never before, and therefore needs a Security Council that is active, even pro-active, efficient and effective. Each one of the reform proposals, either by the Secretary-General or by others, has very clear aims: to make the Council not only more effective but also more representative, aacountable, legitimate, democratic, transparent, and fair or even-handed, with no double standards. (Hasmy Agam). Here we shall attempt to present an ideal vision of an empowered General Assembly (GA). An empowered GA will be the ultimate arbiter in all matters pertaining to war and peace. If the world has to act against an aggressor state or a party that is guilty of committing genocide, it is the GA that will decide. Four-fifths of the total membership of the GA should consent. Other foms of diplomatic action would require a simple majority. (Candra Muzaffar).

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Muhammad Rais Abd Karim, Hamzah Ahmad

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