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*Professional Teachers from India. 
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Jantai are the second lessons, which involve double and triples of a single swara. These should be sung with force and emphasis from the first note to the second: sa sa ri ri ga ga etc.... The use of one plain note followed by a forceful one is a type of gamaka called spuritam. Practice emphasizing the second note and avoid singing both notes in a plain manner. When you have two notes, emphasize the second. When there are triples of notes (s s s) emphasize the second note as well. When you have mastered this, learn to sing the lesson in four speeds, with taaLam. Finally, sing all the notes in akaaram, singing only aaa...                       

Course Content Areas

Instrumental / Vocal Ensemble
Workshop Series
Lectures and Training Series
Historical Studies
Master Classes
Music Arrangement
Concert Management



Unit 1 : Introduction to Jantai Varisaigal 

Unit 2 : Lesson 1 

Unit 3 : Lesson 2 

Unit 4 : Lesson 3 

Unit 5 : Lesson 4 

Unit 6 : Lesson 5 

Unit 7 : Lesson 6 

Unit 8 : Lesson 7 

Unit 9 : Lesson 8 

Unit 10 : Lesson 9

Benefits for Sangeetha Swara Laya students :
a) Certificates are awarded to those who complete their grades.
b) Trips to local holiday destinations and awards are given to the best student. 
c) Report card day is held annually to update students and parents.
d) Food and beverages are served during break so that students have time to 

We have a group of instructors from India and Malaysia who are well qualified and experiened. They have a sense of commitment towards their passion and responsibility in music. Their strategies and method has proven record in SSL.

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