I Hate English

Publisher :   System & Skills Training Concept Sdn Bhd

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The suicidal death of a 12-year old girl several years inspired the author to write about her own experience. The book is about school bullies, life as a kid living with strict parents and low self-esteem due to poor proficiency in English, etc.  The book is simple to read, seriously funny and after reading it, you realise that Hey, life is teaching us that ‘Time Heals’ and we just have to be ‘Smarter’. Learn the tips on HOW to overcome Bullies and BUILD Confidence your WAY.

To encourage readers to learn English, no matter what. English is the most widely used language in the world.
Pak Mei Yoke is a trainer and motivational speaker, concentrating on helping youths get recognised accounting and business qualifications. To teach youths is akin to teaching them to fish, and earn a living.

    awesome info

  • rajen

    Sry foget

  • Raynold Thomas

    Still reading and reread.

  • Jowell

    this book is worth to read.

  • Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Really informative and fun to read. The message on why one should not venture into bullying is nicely conveyed.

  • Raynold Thomas

    Good for those who want to learn more about English.