This book provides input to support the development of teacher leadership model that promotes the inclusion of 21st century leadership values, skills, and knowledge, and formally into Malaysian Teacher Preparation Programs. As teacher leadership is the process to convince others to practice new approach and become more skilled, and the effectiveness of Teachers’ Leadership Competencies matters in establishing Principals’ Developmental Leadership Behavior (PDLB) and Teachers’ Commitment to Change (TCC), the effectual approach to develop teacher leadership is through Teacher Leadership Competency Model (TLCM), as proposed in this book, is by executing a process to influence PDLB through Teachers’ Leadership Competencies and subsequently creating ways and conditions which nurture and sustain the excellence and monitor those developmental leadership behavior as a way of assessing progress so to develop TCC. It would be a timely finding which Malaysian Teacher Preparation Programs includes newly developed Teacher Leadership Competency Model (TLCM) into teacher training module and schedule in order to produce competent teacher leaders for the future.

Instructor Biography

Dr. Fanny Kho Chee Yuet specializes in educational leadership and management for her publication, research and lecture. She is a pioneer in the study of Teacher Leadership in Malaysia. She obtained her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Management at Sultan Idris Education University. 

She currently serves as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Management and Economics, Sultan Idris Education University. Recently, she has been awarded the Best Lecturer Award 2019. Over the last few years, she also worked in the Sarawak State Education Department as Deputy Director of the Academic Management Sector prior to her experience as a trained teacher for 18 years. She had trained preschool teachers in making learning fun and conducted new workshops in Crafting Literature Review for postgraduates' students at Sultan Idris University. She had also conducted various educational leadership and management research in Malaysia. 

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