The impact of Islamic values on the business operations and management across the world is undeniably significant due to the expanding of Muslim markets and populations today. These developments tender managers in both local and international companies to obtain deeper understanding about Islamic business practices, management requirements and techniques. In tandem with this imperative need, this book explores the principles of businesses from perspective of Islam. Governed by hadith and Quran, it offers an insight of the importance of business and economic activities in Islamic society as well as how the community expectations can be satisfied in an equitable and ethical manner. The book critically analyzes and applies Islamic perspectives in various business functions including human resources, marketing, innovations and leadership. The edition of this book, Islamic Perspectives on Business: Concepts and Applications of Islamic Values, emphasizes on the concepts of Taqwa (God consciousness) and Tawhid (oneness of God). The concepts inspire to encourage people to behave within allowable boundaries to achieve Allahs blessing in terms of spiritual and material. At the end of the day, the fruit will be the growing and sustainable businesses. Eventually, this cultivates an environment where all human beings benefit, not only in accumulating their fortune but at the same time blessed with a life that they want to live in harmony and reclaim some of their lost Islamic values.

Instructor Biography

Mohammad Nazri Mohd Nor is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Accountancy at the University of Malaya. He obtained his Doctorate of Business Adminitration (DBA) from Universiti Teknologi MARA, MBA and BBA from the National University of Malaysia. His industrial experience was with RHB Investment Bank spanning over 10 years. His research interest includes Management, Organizational Behavior, and Knowledge Management. His major areas of teaching include Human Capital, Leadership, Business Ethics and Islamic Perspectives in Business. His research areas include Organizational Behavior, Human Capital, Leadership and Supply Chain Management. He published several books as well as research articles in ISI, Scopus and other refereed journals. 

Norizah Mohd Mustamil is a senior lecturer in business ethics and human resource management at the Faculty of Business and Accounting, University of Malaya. She received her MBA from the University of Malaya and DBA from the Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Her research is interdisciplinary and addresses ethical issues in business practices and human resource management area. She has several years of experience in consultancy projects with government and private agencies such Ministry of Human Resources, National Population and Family Development Board, Institute of Labour Market Information and Analysis, ANGKASA, ASWARA and so forth. 

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