Young Scientists 001 - Garment Steamer

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This book is prepared to fullfil the need to expose science and technology knowledge to the kids through a conventional iron box and garment steamer.

Get your children exposed to the scientific facts of garment steamer via our engaging comic characters with interesting story lines.


To bring valuable science & technology knowledge to the children’s world via engaging methods using facts and picture based comics.

1. Kids will be able to understand the science behind garment steamer;
2. Making science learning fun and easy;
3. Kids are more confident in sharing their science & technology knowledge in their schools.

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Young Scientists aims to promote the learning of Science among school children using exciting and engaging methods because it is getting ever more challenging to attract the focus of the younger generation of children in order for them to learn and retain the necessary information to excel in their Science studies.

An innovative medium to deliver syllabus-based Science information that captivates the attention of school children through the use of a comic-based magazine with stories and topics centred around Science topics.

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