Web Tutor Bahasa Malaysia Tahun 3

by Focus-A

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MindAppz Standard 3 Bahasa Malaysia video is specially created by highly experienced panel of educators to provide the necessary challenge and help you to achieve the mastery of the subject. All 47 videos have been constructed based on the Malaysian curriculum with the focus on knowledge acquisition and problem solving skills that will make you master every topic in the particular subject.

  • Eliecea Elly

    Faham dan mudah fahami

  • Raynold Thomas


  • Blyton Totu

    Great video for student..

  • Knowledge For The Soul

    Nice course. Learned lots!


    video contents good

  • Raynold Thomas

    So helpful! I hope the contents will be expanded.

  • Jowell

    video yg pendek, bagus untuk pengetahuan

  • Marwin


  • Rajan

    Very nice....