The Science Of Getting Rich

by Artha Nyana

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This book entitled “THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH” is basically based on Napoleon Hill’s book “THINK AND GROW RICH” and also other material that is relevant to current times. I will say that it contains the best you can ever have.

From that context you must first acknowledge that you are having in your hands one of the most powerful book on planet earth on the subject how to be Rich.

This book gives you a plan that makes you Wealthy. Really wealthy!

IN EVERY CHAPTER OF THIS BOOK YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE MONEY-MAKING SECRET that has made fortunes for hundreds of exceedingly wealthy men.

Andrew Carnegie used it and became the richest man in the world at that time.

Without this secret, most people will go through life as failure. This book; THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH contains the secret.

This knowledge should be tought to everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.



  • Elsie jimar

    very good!

  • Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Well written, easy to understand, relate to and apply on to one's daily lives.