Factors Associated with Mathematics Anxiety is a book designed for teachers, students, parents or anyone who will be involved with mathematics. More so for teachers to be and especially for those who will be teaching mathematics either in the primary or secondary level. It discusses significant factors that are associated to mathematics anxiety such as teacher student relationship, teachers' style of teaching, examination pressure and parental and peer group influences.

By recognizing factors associated to mathematics anxiety it is hoped that this book would help teachers to help students overcome their anxiety and fear for mathematics and in doing so, would make them better learners and appreciative of the subject. What one believes mathematics to be is an important underlying factor that needs to be considered.

Whatever view one holds about the nature of mathematics and how it should be reflected in what we teach in school, it will have some effect on one's own particular aims of teaching mathematics. These are related to both the cognitive and affective domain.

Another question prompting this book is whether the perceived important of success in mathematics in Malaysia society produces highly anxious teachers and equally anxious students who forms parts of a vicious cycle of mathematics anxiety in our schools.

This book hopes to shed some light into the main factors that contributed to this phenomena and tries to enfold its impact on the students concerned.

Instructor Biography

Dr. Marzita Puteh obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Reading University, England and then furthered her studies at Masters level in Computer-in-Education (C-1-E) from University of Malaya. Her doctoral degree from University of East Anglia, Norwich England specializing in Mathematical Content Knowledge. Her area of interest is in the affective domain of teaching and learning of mathematics and currently is a mathematics lecturer in Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjong Malim.

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