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The below viewing box contains the following Woogi English product information:

1.  A 1 page Product Overview.

2.  A 16 page Purchase & Download Guide.

3.  A  27 page User Instructions Guide.


Thanks to Woogi English, children are now learning, engaging and embracing an opportunity that was, until now, only a dream – they are learning to speak, read and write the English language using fun game-based technology. This may be exactly what a child needs to get “the edge”, meaning the “competitive edge” required to get ahead in a world in which the English language is extremely important, both socially and economically. Just as important, if not even more important, is the fact that Woogi English also teaches children how to think, not what to think.

Instructor Biography

Woogi International (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2014 by Scott Dow and Walter Tak. Scott is the Managing Director and is an experienced game-based learning executive while Walter is the companys Technology Director with more than 20 years experience as chief technology officer for various PC and mobile game projects in Europe and China. The companys mission is to prepare children for life-long success in a rapidly changing global community by helping them develop critical 21st Century skills using simple, fun and engaging game-based technology.

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