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Unit 1   Super Woogi

The Unit focuses on the most useful words (highlighted in colours) and complete expressions/sentences that one would use When Meeting Someone For The First Time. (socially important)

Hello, please, thank you, name

Unit 2   Alphabets

The Unit focuses on the Letters in the English Alphabet, both Capital and Lower Case Forms of the Letters.

Unit 3   Class Action Hero

The Unit focuses on People and Things Found in a Typical (bricks and mortar) Classroom.

Teacher, student, desk, chair, book, paper, pencil

Stand up, sit down, raise your hand

Unit 4   Countin' To The Oldies

The Unit focuses on Numbers and Counting in English.

Unit 5   Help Me Help You

The Unit focuses on Helping Others to Use their Computer.

Yes, no, movie, microphone

Unit 6   The Lost Temple

The Unit focuses on Colours and Shapes.

Unit 7   Family Tatters

The Unit focuses on the Names of Family Members.

Family, woman, man, girl, boy

My, your, her, his

Mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather

Aunt, uncle, cousin

Unit 8   A Study In Sprinkles

The Unit focuses on Descriptive and Comparative Words.

Short, tall, small, big, beautiful, handsome, kind of, very

Unit 9   Head In The Clouds

The Unit focuses on Body Parts and Adjectives describing them.

Head, face, eye, nose, mouth, ear

To smell, to taste, to hear

Unit 10   Clothes Magazine

The Unit focuses on Wearing Clothing and Accessories and Adjectives describing them.

Glasses, hat, shirt, skirt, shoes

Clothes, pair, to wear

Unit 11  The Graphs Of Math

The Unit focuses on Math Words.

Even, odd, more, less, to add, to subtract

Unit 12   Cents and Sensibility

The Unit focuses on Currency and Buying Items.

Money, coin, dollar

Price, cheap, expensive

To want, to buy, how much

Unit 13   Emotional Shipwreck

The Unit focuses on Words for Emotions.

Happy, excited, surprised

Bored, tired, confused

Unit 14   Conan The Librarian

The Unit focuses on Parts of a Book.

Title, front, page, text

To read, to open, turn to

Unit 15   Lunch Wars

The Unit focuses on the Names of Meals and Typical Foods and Ingredients.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack

Cheese, egg, onion, vegetable

To eat, to drink

Unit 16   Full House

The Unit focuses on the Rooms in a House, Fixtures, Furniture and Appliances.

Kitchen, stove, refrigerator, table

To cook, to watch, to sleep

Unit 17  The Twilight Zoo

The Unit focuses on Animals in the Zoo.

Lion, elephant, monkey

Horse, cow, dog

Unit 18   Back In Time

The Unit focuses on Times of the Day, Units of Time and the words such as "Before, After, Early and Late".

Morning, noon, afternoon, evening

Minute, hour

Unit 19   Back In Time II

The Unit focuses on Days of the Week, Months and words such as "Today and Tomorrow".

Unit 20   Season Controller

The Unit focuses on the Seasons and words associated with Seasons such as "Cold, Hot, Windy, Cloudy, Rain, Snow and Spring".

Unit 21   Funny Farm

The Unit focuses on the names of Farm Animals and the Food they Eat and words of Relativity such as "Less, More, Any and Every".

Unit 22   Living In De-Nile

The Unit focuses on words of Size as well as Comparative and Superlative Words.

Long, longer, longest

Soft, softer, softest

Unit 23   Art Broken

The Unit focuses on the Museum and words of Location, Direction and (prepositions)

of Place.  

On, in front of, behind

To move, to put

Unit 24   Neighbor Hoodwink

The Unit focuses on the Names of Places found within a Neighborhood.

Playground, bank, police station

Street, road

Unit 25   Hands-On Training

The Unit focuses on the Names of Jobs and Professions.

Doctor, dentist, police officer

To care for, to enforce, to teach

Unit 26   Woogi Kong

The Unit focuses on Words of Motion such as "Hop, Climb, Run, Skip and Fly".

Unit 27   One Last Shot

The Unit focuses on the Words for Sports and Words Associated with the Sports.

Hockey, tennis, golf

To hit, to catch, to score

Unit 28   Nature Lovers

The Unit focuses on Nature and Associated Words such as "Grass, Flowers, Sky, Ocean and Mountain".

Unit 29   No Fun In The Sun

The Unit focuses on Outdoor Recreational Activities.

Hiking, running, swimming

Unit 30   Around The World

The Unit focuses on Modes of Transportation.

Bike, car, boat, plane

Unit 31   Holiday Wishes

The Unit focuses on Holiday Celebrations.

Party, to celebrate, New Year’s Day

Unit 32   Diary Of A Silly Kid

The Unit focuses on a Child's Daily Activities.

To wake up, to eat breakfast, to go to school

Unit 33   Wired Learning

The Unit focuses on Subjects of Learning.

Science, geography, history

Reading, writing, computers

Unit 34   Back In Time III

The Unit focuses on Words of Time such as "Now, Never, Usually, Always, Slowly

and Quickly".

Unit 35   Out Of Order

The Unit focuses on Food and Beverage Menu Items. 

Sandwich, chicken nuggets, ice cream



Thanks to Woogi English, children are now learning, engaging and embracing an opportunity that was, until now, only a dream – they are learning to speak, read and write the English language using fun game-based technology. This may be exactly what a child needs to get “the edge”, meaning the “competitive edge” required to get ahead in a world in which the English language is extremely important, both socially and economically. Just as important, if not even more important, is the fact that Woogi English also teaches children how to think, not what to think.

Instructor Biography

Woogi International (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2014 by Scott Dow and Walter Tak. Scott is the Managing Director and is an experienced game-based learning executive while Walter is the companys Technology Director with more than 20 years experience as chief technology officer for various PC and mobile game projects in Europe and China. The companys mission is to prepare children for life-long success in a rapidly changing global community by helping them develop critical 21st Century skills using simple, fun and engaging game-based technology.

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