There are nine volumes in this Saree Blouse collection publish by Thungeesam Sdn Bhd. To honour the tradition of Indian culture, various collection of Saree Blouse designs have been created and collected to make a book.


Mordern and cultural different type of designs.

Instructor Biography


Susila Vellasamy Sinniah obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Annamalai University, India in 2006. Even before then, she has held various positions in the writing and publishing industry, including work as a technical writer, a copy editor, and finally chief editor in the publishing house that she started. The unique set of skills she gained while pursuing her degree and through job opportunities thereafter have given her an edge in the professional writing field. She is passionate about books and has a wide range of experience in writing and editing, as well as a strong background in technical fields. At present, she runs several monthly magazines for women, children, religion and also has various published works for all ages be it young or old.



Publishing a book is sort of like hurling a paper plane into the wind. If its good material, people find it, they pick it up and they read it. How they interpret it is completely up to the will of the reader. The writer’s job is to write. If it’s not good material, it gets torn apart in the wind and rain and sun. And then you start making a new paper plane.

Susila Vellasamy Sinniah

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