This Level familiarises the various dimensions of English language and grounds the grammatical concepts using algorithms. An incumbent student will be able to form error-free sentences quickly and on a self-driven manner. Introduction of the methodology and the terminology is actualised in this level.


This course takes a unique approach to teach English language effectively.

 This approach encompasses a methodology that makes learning English easy. More than 24000 students have benefitted from the program so far.

The contents of the program are so easy to understand because of the program design and pedagogy.

The pedagogy uses Tamil or Bahasa Malaysia to start with and progressively transitions to English as the medium of instruction.The pedagogy is effective on trainees irrespective of their ages.

The content comprises of short videos followed by systematic assessment system that facilitates grasps the concepts strongly and exhaustively.

The objectives of the course are:

1.To demystify myths surrounding the learning of the English Language.

2. To make a different yet simple approach that makes learning seamless and sustainable.

3.To make learning rapid and thorough thereby bringing in a quantum leap in confidence index of the trainees.

Instructor Biography

I have an experience of over 25 years in training, teaching, coaching and upskilling trainees from all walks of life.
I have an Engineering degree followed by a MBA and a DBA is in pursuit.
English and teaching has been my passion and expediting this program from concept to completion and experimentation to execution has been overwhelmingly gratifying to say the least.


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    Best and very easy to learn.

    10/11/2022 05:35:55

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