This book makes a welcome contribution to the research literature about reflective practice in teacher education by moving beyond the Western focus of much of the existing literature. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, provide Western readers with insights into Islamic beliefs and their relevance to the professional preparation of Malaysian student teachers. It also highlights how religious beliefs can be instrumental in fostering a commitment to reflection in the classroom.

From a Pedagogue point of view,  this book is designed for developing effective head teachers as well as heads of researchers in schools and universities learning about Teaching Knowledge Base and can be used as a casebook. Learning to be Reflective tries to provide readers with the theory and rationale and underline and support the specific principles and practice being discussed. It is an introduction to the nature of second order action research in schools and universities. So that, it is guidance related to the National Professional Qualification for Headship NPQH, teachers and lecturers.


Instructor Biography

Hanipah Hussin (Ph.D in Teaching and Curriculum, Sydney University, Australia, M.Sc. in Technology Education, UTM) is an Associate Professor in Kolej Universiti Teknikal Kebangsaan Malaysia. She is the head of the Department of Co-Curricular. She used to be a Geography and Bahasa Melayu teacher in secondary school for seven years. She had spent a long period of service (11 years) in the teaching profession in Maktab Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor Bahru, specializing in Pedagogue and Psychology subject matter. Her interests, teaching, consultation, research and publication are in the areas of cognition, reflective thinking, and professional development in various fields. Her research experts are action research and experiential learning. 

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