This book should serve you with valuable lessons in public speaking, whatever your reasons or goals, in speaking your mind will grow. And you’ll experience your world at a deeper, more stimulating level than you even thought possible. If you aspire to be a better or professional speaker, this book has all the answers for you. Whether you are a novice or consider yourself a good public speaker, you or anybody who wishes to develop his/her presentation skills further can benefit from this program. We will give participants several opportunities to practice delivering a presentation.

This book, 'Stand Up, Speak Out' drives the Content of each unit and this will help you, as it breaks the topics down into categories and subcategories.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to :

  • Create confidence in making persuasive presentations
  • Understand the principles of clear and effective communication
  • Know how to plan and prepare a professional presentation
  • Learn and practice proven techniques of up-front speaking skills
  • Learn and practice the skills of handling questions
  • Learn and practice the skills of developing rapport with audience
  • Learn and practice the techniques of starting well and finishing
  • Project a better image of themselves and the organization
  • Improve proficiency in standard spoken English

Instructor Biography

Rita Corray has been a Trainer for more than 30 over years teaching English, Public Speaking, Communication Skills etc.

She is currently the President of Royale Premier Toastmasters Club. She has recently achieved the higest award in Toastmasters. DTM. She has won numeruous speech contests over the years.

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