Basic Conversational English Part 1 & 2
Lessons 1-39

• Self-Paced Reading Practices
• Audio Tutorials

Advanced Conversational English
Lessons 1-50

• Self-Paced Reading Practices,
• Dialogues, Definitions,
• Conversation Role-Play Practices,
• Audio Tutorials,
• 500 Exercise Questions

English Profiency Test
• 500 Test quiz
• Certificate of Completion

Worth US Dollar 47 for FREE!!!

Recommended Audience
> Basic
- From Primary/Junior High School children

- From High School children, Undergraduate, Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


• A proven system of study for every lesson - THE RESULT SYSTEM. Follow our RESULT SYSTEM strictly and you are guaranteed to improve your English.
• Constant progress tests (totalling 50)
• Well spaced out for individual needs. Ideal for those who have limited time but need to improve their English.
• Easy to use and very practical.
• No accent
• Very reasonably priced - value for money.
• Evaluated and Approved Without Conditions by the Ministry of Education Malaysia [Ref: KP(BTP-SPMP)8809/5/1(51)]
• Certificate of Completion to add to your CV
You are in fact KILLING 3 BIRDS with ONE STONE!

With TODAY'S ENGLISH you will have the following benefits-

• Better communication skills with your colleagues and superiors
• Confidence in conducting business meetings
• Effective report writing

• Write good essays using the right expressions
• Follow lectures in English easily Increase your general knowledge
• Ask questions confidently enabling participation in class
• Enable to read and understand books in English

• No more fears of expressing yourself and understanding others
• Expand your circle of friends and deepen your existing relationship with your friends
• Your personality will grow since English opens you to a new world of books, music, science and information technology.

Instructor Biography

Today’s English communication programme was authored by a husband and wife team. Years back Mr.Charles S.Nathan & Jenna Sarah Nathan (a principal in a private school) established an excellent study programme for those who were really interested to learn to speak English comfortably.

Mr.Charles S.Nathan and his wife burned the midnight oil to embark on this journey of identifying and creating an effective learning programme that would guarantee results. In other words, anyone who uses this programme will be confident of achieving the desired results.

With this promise, a lot of time was spent in researching the most appropriate method and system that would be ideal for people to learn and master the English language.

Thus came the birth of “Today’s English”. It not only has a clear METHODOLOGY, it also has a 'RESULT'system incorporated into the learning process, thus giving opportunity to their original goal of a guaranteed success for those who use the programme diligently.

The lessons were written and with the help of Madam Gowri (who became the editor), it was put to test with college students for about three months. Madam Gowri was the Head of the English Language department at the Unversity of Technology Mara, and has several years of experience in teaching English to university students. After two painstaking years of hard work, Today’s English was launched.

Today’s English was awarded ”A feather in the cap” when the Ministry of Education approved the Today’s English programme without condition .

Today, “Today’s English” has found its way into the hands of many who are hungry to learn to speak good English and has established itself as an “Effective English Learning Programme”.

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