Sifu Kairesh Live Mandarin Workshop

by Sifu Kairesh

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RM 150.00

25 November 2017 (Saturday)

8.30AM - 4.30PM

Wisma MCA, 163, Jalan Ampang, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

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You will learn how to Understand and Speak Mandarin super-fast!

  • Build Rapport with Chinese people instantly
  • Master Counting Numbers 1 - 9,999 instantly
  • Apply Mandarin restaurants / shopping
  • Learn to recognise Chinese Characters

Get HSK Certification from China with us!

  • It's your ticket to employment opportunities
  • Certification is recognised worldwide
  • Earn very high respect from Chinese people
  • Business in China  becomes very easy

I will show you how to build a first impression with Chinese people. You will learn and then test your skills with Chinese people.

You will learn how to listen spoken Mandarin. This is the fundamentals of mastering Mandarin.

Surprise your friends with your new skill - being able to read Chinese characters.

Do you know that Pronunciation & Tones consist of 70% of Mandarin language? You master this, you master Mandarin.

Learning is all about fun & excitement. Put your skills into practice speaking with Chinese people - real time!

You not only learn how to speak, you will know how to apply Mandarin in your workplace / business.

You will learn how to combine everything taught and put them into application step-by-step.

You will be given an opportunity to join HSK Level 1 Camp if you qualify.

Sifu Kairesh

7 years experience specialising in teaching Mandarin to non-chinese speaking adults. Malaysia's top Mandarin Trainer for non-chinese speaking adults. 

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