At BEES, we are very proud of our syllabus. A new generation pre-school education system that is especially developed, written and created for pre-schoolers. Our complete learning system develops a holistic, creative, linguistic and socially Intelligent child.

BEES Edusystems has created the most comprehensive and systematic pre-school education system in less than ten (10) years since inception.

Beginning with the English, Bahasa and Mandarin Reader Series to its full pre-school syllabus system that is NOW affordable and accessible to all.

BEES pre-school programmes serve children from three (3) to six (6) years of age.

BEES reading programmes serve children from three (3) to eight (8) years of age.

BEES curriculum and system are coordinated with the Ministry of Education (MOE) pre-school, primary school KSSR syllabus, International English combined with Singapore syllabus to facilitate greater learning power for children to:-

  • Communicate well in three (3) languages – English, Bahasa, and Mandarin.
  • Read successfully from three (3) years old – English, Bahasa and Mandarin.
  • Master grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary skills – English, Bahasa and Mandarin.
  • Mastery of Arithmetic calculation and thinking skills.
  • Develop listening, speaking, and writing skills.

BEES curriculum and syllabus prepares and provides opportunity for children from the ages of three (3) to eight (8) years old to achieve and acquire intellectual, social and communicative development, such as:-

  1. Listen and understand sentence structures.
  2. Follow instructions, and talk about familiar experiences in simple sentences.
  3. Able to speak with proper intonation.
  4. Read simple to advance story books suitable to their stage of cognitive development and retell stories heard in simple to understand sentences.
  5. Able to recognize alphabets, know phonetic sounds and write simple phrases.
  6. Enhances logical thinking skills in children to enable them to master mathematical calculation, problem solving skills and the ability able to use their left and right brain in doing mental calculation.
  7. Acquire science knowledge and understanding.
  8. Able to think critically, creatively and innovatively in all aspect of their daily situations.
  9. Communicate with their peers and teachers with confidence.
  10. Understand and master grammar, vocabulary and comprehension in English, Bahasa and Mandarin and the ability to answer questions.

With BEES learning system, every child spontaneously wants to learn better and faster.

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To be the best provider in early childhood education.

To excel in infusing love, care, and education to all children.

To expand and develop outstanding business and social mission.

To build a successful relationship with our system user.



We aim to provide all pre-school children and our system user a complete educational system that is effective in nurturing and contributing towards educational and business success for the next generation.



At BEES, we believe that children will learn better and faster with these 4 key philosophies:

Play & Learn – We understand that through play much of a child’s early learning is achieved. A child physical, social-emotional and intellectual development is build through manipulating, exploring and testing.

Think & Achieve - Every child is born with the motivation to acquire skills and knowledge. The most important factor is encouraging the child to want to achieve as a leader. Therefore a child who thinks will lead to achieving goals beyond expectations.

Focus & Succeed - The fundamental key to success is focus. A child who focuses will learn how to concentrate. By concentrating and increasing working memory capacity, will help improve academic performance and lead to success.

Explore & Conquer- Children learn best by exploring. They grow from greatness by developing a ‘winner’ mentality. They learn to accomplish things they never thought possible by problem solving and testing out theories in which they create a wonderful platform to explore and conquer.

© All contents are copyright of BEES Edusystems 2017

We are proud of our books, systems and concept. We wish to be recognised as the best provider of early education system in Malaysia and around the world soon. 



© All contents are copyright of BEES Edusystems 2017

Our Office and training room is located at Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

All teachers training for our system users are FREE on yearly basis.



© All contents are copyright of BEES Edusystems 2017

Next BEES syllabus year end teachers training will be in December 2017. Dates to be advised.

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