Master of Business Administration (MBA)

18 Month(s)


Full Time

Tuition Fee
RM 28750.00

PTPTN & EPF Withdrawal

MBA is highly valued by many world-class business organisations and is a useful certification that graduate students can acquire in order to help enhance their managerial prospects/careers in a world characterised by strong global competition, new technological leaps, continuous change, corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethical and sustainable business management and the speed of change and its global nature.

Our MBA is a post graduate award by The University of Wales, UK. You will experience a challenging and stimulating intensive course in management, with an international perspective, to enhance your personal and career development.  With the University of Wales MBA, our graduates have gone on gain a competitive advantage in their current field, enjoy rewarding and dynamic careers in many industries and countries or even set up their own businesses.

The teaching and learning strategy adopts a practice-based model where you explore concepts at the intersection of theory and practice using problems to examine dilemmas and choices.  You will use, share and reflect upon your experiences alongside those of other students in your class. Your professional development will be supported by the breadth of experience within the cohort of your fellow students.

  • Possess a Degree OR hold a professional qualification which is deemed acceptable for admission by the University of Wales and the Ministry of Education in Malaysia.
  • English Language Proficiency