English Language Course

4 Month(s)

All Month

Full Time

Tuition Fee
RM 3810.00


A three-month programme designed for English as a Second Language (ESOL) prepares students to enhance the use of English language for further studies at college or university level locally or overseas. There are four levels of the ESL programme:

  1. Basic
  2. Elementary
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced

With 240 hours of coaching, participants would be able to achieve these objectives:

  • Speak, read and write confidently
  • Write English with minimal or no grammatical errors
  • Expand their vocabulary by 1500 words
  • Summarise given passages
  • Understand more difficult passages and answer questions posed


Basic, Elementary and Intermediate Levels:

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking (Effective Communication Activities)
  5. Writing
  6. Reading Comprehension 

Advanced Level:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking (Effective Communication Activities)
  4. Listening

All candidates must sit for the English placement test before commencing the class.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to foster a positive attitude to the learning of English while at the same time:

  1. Developing knowledge and understanding of the spoken and written forms of English in meaningful contexts at the Basic level;
  2. Developing the basic ability to listen and read and apply this knowledge and understanding to speaking and writing;
  3. Developing the basic ability to communicate effectively in English through the written and spoken word;
  4. Developing knowledge and understanding of the grammar of English, and the ability to apply it accurately in the appropriate context;
  5. Laying a suitable foundation to further study the language at the Intermediate level.