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The Book of Knowledge is a book that consist of various facts regarding general knowledge. 

The book is suitable for students and adults.

Instructor Biography

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, is strongly believed and advocated by Mr KSM Rajasekaran @ Kevin Raja. His quest for knowledge started in 1989 when he became an encyclopedia sales representative. With the able management and guidance from his boss and mentor Dr. T Chandroo, Kevin progressed to Regional Sales Manager within few years. He started reading the volumes of the encyclopedia and his inquisitive mind made him to take up a hobby of reading more books on knowledge and statistics. With the emergence of internet, google, Wikipedia and more, he cultivated a habit of searching, reading and writing till today. About the Author A Regional Data Protection Officer now, reading and researching had made him to further his studies as well. Equipped with a Diploma in Legal Studies, Advance Diploma in Data Protection, Double Diploma in Leadership and People’s Management, Kevin Raja is a passionate enthusiast in many fields. His passion for long distance driving made him to execute a drive mission from Singapore to Cambodia to help the needy children in late 2019. He drove his Mazda 3 sports on a 5403 km trip via Malaysia and Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia and returned in 12 days. He is planning another charity drive mission further than Cambodia after the pandemic situation. As an Arts enthusiast, he sings, acts and produces stage and online shows and concerts. In mid 2020, amidst the pandemic situation he produced several online shows for online audience. One of which, Tiktok Stars 2020 was recorded in Singapore Book of Records as the ‘Largest Tiktok Video Montage’. During the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period, while searching and reading many topics on knowledge, he decided to compile them and make it useful to everyone. He felt not many takes the trouble to read such statistics. So he decided to have them compiled and hope all keep it in their mobile phones for quick references. Hence this e-book BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE is born. It took Kevin 3 months to search, compile, proof-read and make it worthy of sharing, on 9 August 2020 as Singapore celebrate the nation’s 55th birthday. Kevin Raja thanks Google, Guinness Records, Wikipedia and many other sources that made this possible for all to benefit from. Currently he is writing a book “Earth and Mankind” that tells much about the beginning of Earth and its Mankind. Expected to complete in 2021.

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