The History of Earth, The Indian Version

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Publisher :  Prashobh Kumar Karunakaran
( 1729 )

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The events elucidated in this book start from prior to the big bang all the way to the future of the earth. This book dwells quite a bit into Hindu scriptures but it is in no way an attempt to make it look like a better religion. This writer firmly believes that each human has his or her own religion. Each human gathers facts from their surroundings and books and make his or her own religion. It is impossible for two Christians, Muslims, Buddhist or Hindus to have the same conscience so why are we segregated as religions. This work is written in the hope that one day humans will look at knowledge gleaned from various religious texts as philosophies of various people who have attained the same higher state of consciousness. There are heroes from all the world’s religions who have attained this elevated state of consciousness which is mergence with God. They stem from the likes of the Maya, Inca, and Aztec all the way to the Middle Eastern religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) and to India, China and Japan. By the same token there are also examples from all religions who have become ruthless criminals. It is however important that all humans understand the various religious practices to live in harmony. The various religions should be looked upon as different rivers which all lead to the same ocean of God. Hopefully one day different religions will be viewed as different sciences like chemistry and physics. Just as advanced chemistry and physics are merging, the various religions doctrines will merge.   

Many of the facts gathered for this book are from the very south of India, where destructive foreign rule has failed to penetrate.  Here the temples are extremely ancient. Rituals, which were performed by priests thousands of years ago, are still performed in the same spot by the direct descendant of the former priests. This is the only place in the world where an ancient culture is preserved to such an extent. Of course, this culture is finally being neglected as the descendants these great priests enter the high technology industries which Southern India have moved into. However, there are also many projects to stem this tide of neglect for this culture; this book is one such enterprise.   

This book illustrates the history of earth from facts gathered through modern science as well as the ancient scriptures of India. The timelines discovered by these two streams of thoughts are surprisingly similar. Scientifically established facts like the Big Bang, Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the theories of the formation of earth, blends very well with those enshrined in the ancient scriptures of India. 


The goals of this book are to enable an understanding of the Hindu timeline and notice that it is the same as what is extolled in most other major religions. 

Instructor Biography

Dr. Prashobh Karunakaran is a professional engineer and also runs an electrical consulting and contracting business together with his electrical technical training school.  He was a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Malaysia.  He did his Bachelors and Masters at South Dakota State University, SD, USA and his PhD at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).  His wife, Sreeja is also an electrical engineer and they have three children, Prashanth, Shanthi and Arjun.

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