This Inorganic Chemistry Experiments for Undergraduates book is written for students doing inorganic chemistry courses. Nine experiments related to inorganic and coordination chemistry are compiled and presented in this book to introduce many theoretical concepts of chemistry, expose students to basic techniques of laboratory work and the practical experience necessary to understand and appreciate better the general information presented in lectures. 

Each experiment includes purpose, introduction, experimental procedures, report tables for data and results. Questions are given at the end of the experiment to guide students to deduce appropriate conclusions they should achieve at the end of that experiment. 
Students are required to read the related experiment before coming to laboratory to become familiar with the procedure. In this way, students learn to prepare themselves properly for the experiment, making fewer mistakes and becoming more efficient in utilization of available time. We believe this to be an essential part of the complete learning experience the students should undergo in their training to become scientists. 

It is essential that students acquire and appreciate sound experimental technique early and learn to apply it with confidence. Students are encouraged to inquire and whenever possible explore different approaches that would enhance their learning experience. However, make sure that you consult your lecturers before doing anything in the laboratory to ensure safety and appropriateness. 

The authors hope that students achieve their learning objectives by performing the experiments outlined in this book. Any feedback from the users of this book, either in the capacity of an instructor or a student, is very much welcomed and appreciated and will be referred to in our subsequent attempt to produce a more comprehensive and user friendly book in the future. 

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The authors for this e-book is Hadariah Bahron, Kamariah Muda, Sharifah Rohaiza Syed Omar and Karimah Kassim.

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