This book has different varieties of Malaysian Indian recipes in dual language, Tamil and Malay. It is a very simple cooking book. This book can guide you to cook in a very easy way. It contains a variety of recipes.


  • Sharing simple way to cook Malaysia Indian cooking.
  • It is in dual language for easy understanding.
  • The recipe are very simple to follow and cook.
  • This cook book represents a partial menu, which can be cooked during festival season.

Instructor Biography

Susial Vellasamy was a trained government school teacher from Maktab Perguruan Ulu Kinta.  Then she peruses her degree in Psychology. Later she became the founder of Thungeesam Publication House. She has published more than 100 books and three-monthly main magazines over the years. One of it is the cook book called Sedapnya volume 2.

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