Nowadays finite element method has become a common tool for engineering analysis. With increasing complexity of engineering problems and also demand for accuracy, classical approach of engineering analysis is becoming impractical or even impossible to apply. This book is intended as an introduction to finite element analysis. It focuses on the statics of structures with some additional discussion on structural vibrations. Students are expected to understand basic calculus and matrix operations and able to find the solutions of simultaneous linear equations. Basic understanding of structural analysis is required and it is assumed that students are familiar with them. For derivation of finite element equation, students are introduced to the direct equilibrium. Minimum Potential Energy method and Galerkin method are discussed in more detail in the appendices. To aid understanding, the first chapter deals with general view on finite element procedure, element equation, and the force equilibrium approach. It needs to be emphasized that the main texts of this book is intended to be practical in its approach, avoiding too detail mathematical treatment.


This book is organized and written in such a way that students should not find it difficult to understand the discussions. Rigorous mathematical treatments and derivations are kept to a minimum, or shifted to Appendices. Simple examples are given to show students how to solve related problems. Students are introduced to making use finite element software for various structural analysis through demonstration shown in YouTube. YouTube links are provided for this purpose. It is important to stress here that capability of performing modelling and analysis using computational tool such as finite element software is essential in current era of engineering professions.

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Wahyu Kuntjoro (Dr) is a Professor of Design and Lightweight Structure at the School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia. He finished his first degree in Mechanical Engineering from ITB Bandung, Indonesia. Subsequently he worked with ITB, and also involved with Indonesian Aircraft Industry in the field of airframe design and analysis. His Master and PhD Degrees were obtained from the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield England. Dr. Kuntjoro also spent a time doing research on structural optimization at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Recently he was also involved in welding simulation, a research conducted in collaboration with Chemnitz Technical University, Germany. Other than teaching, supervising, and conducting research, Dr. Kuntjoro is actively providing technical consultancies and trainings, mainly to the Royal Malaysian Air Force in the field of fatigue monitoring, and airframe integrity.

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