Many organisations use Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as a new way of managing the portfolio of risks that face organisations. The book provides an insight to give ideas and a new approach to knowledge and appreciation of ERM practices that the reader can begin to develop and conduct risk in the organisation. It explained what ERM is, why it has existed, and how it differs from traditional risk management.

Hopefully, this book can be a starting point for the top management level or owner of the company to start the adoption of ERM and how to implement ERM in the organisations. It can also be a reference as an initial foundation for more exposure to advanced ERM research for researchers and students who learned ERM subjects in their institution.

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WAN NORHAYATE WAN DAUD is a professor from the Faculty of Business and Management, UniSZA. She received her DBA from USM after completing her MBA and BBA (Hons.) (Insurance) from UiTM. She also holds a Diploma in Insurance from KUSZA. Some of the experience from her research project on poverty in Brunei amounted to RM8.5 million. A leader for a grant from the Islamic Research & Training Institute (IRTI), Jeddah, amounting to USD15,000 to measure the quality leader among takaful operators in Malaysia. A leader for three FRGS grants amounting to RM70,000, RM80,200, and RM100,000, respectively

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