This book provides proper direction in doing research especially towards the understanding of research objectives, and research hypotheses. The book also guides in research methodology such as the methods of designing a questionnaire, methods of sampling, methods of data collection and methods of data analysis. The data analysis covers data mining, descriptive analysis, factor analysis, and reliability analysis. Besides this, the book assesses the normality distribution of data since this is crucial in determining the types of statistical analysis to be employed. More importantly, the book offers guide in analysing the correlational effects, causal effects, mediator effects and also the moderator effect among variables in a model.

Instructor Biography

Associate Professor Dr. Zainudin Hj. Awang is a lecturer of Statistics and Quantitative Management in the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, UiTM Kelantan. He has been a lecturer since 1989 and a research consultant since then. His main area of consultancy is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). He holds a B.Sc (Statistics) from Iowa State, M.Sc (Statistics) from Western Michigan, and a PhD (Marketing) from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. He has published several books in his area of specialization. Among the books are Business Statistics, Quantitative Business Analysis, Research Methodology, Guides in Writing Research Proposal, Statistical Data Analysis, and Structural Equation Modeling using AMOS. His main area of research interests are Statistical Modeling, Operation Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing of Services, Corporate Social Responsibility and Branding, and Relationship Marketing.

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