Writing Journal Articles: Focus on Structure and Language aims to provide writers with the skills to plan and put their thoughts on paper. The skills start with the do’s and don’ts of publishing in academic journals followed by the general structure, the possible contents and their organisation in an article. The strengths that provide the novelty in this book are the inclusion of a chapter on Language and the use of authentic examples to demonstrate and emphasise the points made in the text. This book is essentially for those who wish to write quality articles for publication in academic journals. For those who are already experts in writing journal articles, perhaps this book may further sharpen their skills in the quest for full acceptance for publication of the articles in high ranking international journals.

Instructor Biography

Azni Zain Ahmed is a professor in Physics. Her interests are in Renewable Energy and Climate Change. She has edited books and the most notable one is Energy Conservation.

Hajibah Osman is a professor of Language and Linguistics, specialising in genre analysis. She has conducted seminars in academic writing at postgraduate level for more than 10 years.

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