The three clever boys have somehow become interested in protecting the environment and preserve the nature. As a result, they become keen on knowing more about the environmental interests. Every evening after school, the three boys gather at the corner park to discuss on subjects related to current environmental interests. At times, they even dare to step up to protect the local environment, if there are any issues and threats.


Environment is much spoken and less field in the modern era. Consequently, the lack of awarness lead us to havocs and calamities launched out of the rage of nature. My series of eco-awareness creative short books are believed to wake up the young and old to hug nature and protect environment on a global interest.

Instructor Biography

Akbar, the author is an Ecopreneur with fair experience in developing contents on Eco creative awareness on e-publishing and paperbacks. He has authored more than 400 short contents e-media and paperbacks for school students and young adults.

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