The objective of this book series is to introduce the research advances in water resources & environmental systems where each book will focus on a specific area of interest. It is targeted at final year and postgraduate civil engineering students with the aim of introducing the know-how and approaches in water research. In this book, we present a compilation of recent work on hydrological technologies. The five (5) chapters covers a wide range of topics from radar rainfall estimate, rainfall interception, watershed modelling using physical-based model and neural network, as well as 3D hydrodynamic modelling. It is hope that the readers will benefit from the materials presented, to be able to apply or to explore the method(s) further in your respective project or research study.

Instructor Biography

Lee Wei Koon (Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr) specialises in hydrulic, hydrologym water resources and coastal modeling. He graduated in civil engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), obtained his master degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTIJ), Singapore and doctorate from University of Oxford, United Kingdom. An active researcher and recipient of UK EPSRC Global Challenge Research Fund, he has published in numerous international journals and proceedings. He is also involved in on-going consultancy projects related to flood and water resources. He is the Head of Water Resource and Environmental Systems (WRES) Division at FCE, UiTM Shah Alam from December 2017 to March 21.


Wardah Tahir (Prof. Ts. Dr) graduated from Cornell University, received her MSc from Birmingham University, and PhD from UiTM. She was the Deputy Dean (Academic) for FCE, UiTM from 10 uhtil 2019. Currently she is the Deputy Director of Research Nexus (ReNeU) UiTM (Energy & Environment). She has completed numerous research worth over RM1.13 million and is also actively involved in consultation projects with total project value more than 1.22 million. She has published more than 80 papers in proceedings, journals, and books and developed three (3) water related software, namlely, DeFlood GS (patented), GMS-Rain and Radar Rain Rate.


Jazuri Abdullah (Assoc. Prof. Dr) specialise in hydrological modeling, statistical approach in climate analyses and hydrodynamics and sediment transport modelling system. He joined UiTM in September 2013 after completing his PhD at Colorado State University, USA. He received his M.Sc. degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and his Bachelor of Engineering degree from UiTM. He h worked in over 20 projects funded by government, industries and collaborated with other university partners.


Suzana Ramli (Ir. Dr) specialises in radar hydrology. She obtained her PhD on Radar Rainfall Estimation for Klang River Basin in 2015 from UiTM. She graduated in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from UiTM and then pursued Masters in Water Resources Engineering & Management in Stuttgart University, Germany, She lecturers in the FCE, UiTM, and is also actively involved in research and consultancy works with Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) Malaysia especially in the scope of radar rainfall estimation and flood control system.


Azinoor Azida Abu Bakar (Ir. Ts.) specializes in hydrology interception loss. She is currently a Senior Lecturer, in FCE at UiTM, Pasir Gudang Campus. She obtained her Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia and Master degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She has been with UiTM for over 18 ye rs and has extensive teaching experience in the area of hydrology and water engineering. She authored over 40 journals and proce dings in national and international level. She is also a Professional Engineer of Board of Engineers Malaysia, Member of Institution of Engineers Malaysia and Professional Technologist of Malaysia Board of Technologists.


Nuryazmeen Farhan Haron (Ts. Dr) a senior lecturer in FCE, UiT Shah Alam. She previously worked as a civil engineer and water resources & environmental modeler. She obtained her bachel and master degree in civil engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (YTM), and her PhD from UiTM. Her research interest is in water resourcesand environmental engineering, specifically in estuarine salinity mixing modeling, flood forecasting, and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). A project leader of IIUM-UMP-UITM Collaboration Grant, she has published otfher research in journals, chapter in book and conferences.

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