STRESS is a very common problem being faced today. Every individual experienced stress in one or the other time. Stress is not always harmful. In fact, it is recognized that low levels of stress can even help for better performance in our life. STRESS is a demand made upon the adaptive capacities of the MIND and BODY. The question now is how could we manage it, especially during this pandemic? A bundle of information, tips and techniques has been prepared by Dr. Kader exclusively to you. Watch Now..




Instructor Biography

Professor Dr. Kader Ibrahim is one of Malaysia’s preeminent motivational speakers for the past 25 years. In his prime age of 32, he was the only Malaysian who achieved a triple Ph.D. degree in Nutrition, Psychology and Para Psychology. He is also recognized for having a distinction for being the first Malaysian to introduce subjects such as Brain Engineering and Telepathy, Color Therapy and Spiritual Aura in the Tamil language and conducting regular courses in these said fields.Furthermore, as a successful profile writer he has thus far produced more than 20 books in both Tamil and English languages on psychology, health and mind power. His achievements are also worth mentioning, where one of them is receiving gold medals for his publications on health and mental power from international universities. In addition, Professor Dr. Kader Ibrahim’s first publication entitled, “Success is in Your Hands” was one of the largest selling books in Malaysia. He is also a well-known pioneer when it comes to training and leadership development which can be proven by his many positions as an advisor in several well-known cooperative companies all around the world and attended many international conferences. Thousands of people have benefited from his talks internationally in over 10 countries and have heard him as a Key Speaker. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Currently, he conducts courses, seminars, workshops, motivational talks and training to all people around the world. 


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    Good content and workable techniques. Thank you Prof.

    19/07/2021 09:48:33

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    Very good course

    09/03/2021 00:40:24

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    Great course on stress management

    30/11/2020 16:14:45

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    I am learning something new..and is beneficial...and I love it...

    01/11/2020 15:58:10

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    Ram Chand Nair

    It makes learning incredibly fun.

    19/09/2020 13:14:08

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    Informative energetic and practical to follow.

    26/05/2020 16:16:13

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    Also the showering method. Useful one. Thanks for the video.

    19/05/2020 11:13:13

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    The topic is clearly explained by the instructor. It is probably simple info that all of us know but the method to practice is well explained. Especially sleeping method is something new for us. Useful one.

    19/05/2020 11:09:27

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    It really helps me to relax. And I will follow all ur tips to keep me calm and relaxed.

    16/05/2020 12:22:06

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    Jegan Viayapuri

    Very nice course If increase time and give more information tips is more good.

    07/05/2020 20:28:44

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    Parani Devi

    Very useful for our daily life. It will help to solve many of our problems. Interesting to know next topic . Good sharing sir and thank you so much .

    05/05/2020 18:11:14

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    Awesome workshop. As usual, i'm so impressed. Thank you Prof.

    03/05/2020 23:31:38

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    Muhammad Kartik Abdullah

    Dr You The Great

    29/04/2020 22:07:15

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    Dr. Kayathiry.M

    We expect more videos on health concerns that will benefit everyone. Thanks master and the team to bring up online video during this crucial moment. Appreciated master. Stay safe.

    29/04/2020 08:55:21

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    Importatant for our daily life.

    29/04/2020 02:48:35

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    This is the most best course diring this lockdown period.After watching this video i felt much more better and confident to overcome this situation .Thank you to Prof Dr Kader Ibrahim for the wonderful and well explained course .

    28/04/2020 21:37:08

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    Thank you Dr.. I think this course is really really usefull to my self. U are great Dr....

    27/04/2020 13:42:45

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    Hemavartthini Ramadas

    You have always been a great mentor for me, Sir. Your sharing is always full of great insights, which needed most by all of us with our daily routines. I adore each of your words in helping us to be a better person. Thank you for the wonderful tactics and strategies shared throughout this lesson. I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. Thanks again, Sir. You are a precious gift to this world

    27/04/2020 13:41:32

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    Very useful message for the current situation specially for me Reasonly iam was facing many problem mentally very dispersion. Thank you so much sir.

    27/04/2020 13:36:22

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    Sridaran Rajan

    Glad ‘ I’m looking forward next topic courses. Thanks

    27/04/2020 12:40:05

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    Good info for stress management

    26/04/2020 16:07:36

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    Thank you so much for the valuable info sir. Looking forward for the next video.

    25/04/2020 14:03:46

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    Very awesome and informative video.

    24/04/2020 03:05:43

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    Excellent content!

    23/04/2020 23:19:37

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    Hairun Bibi

    Thank you sir... love u forever n ever

    23/04/2020 23:04:15

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