Literacy in CPR: A Training Handbook for School Teachers was designed and written for all school teachers. Teachers should acquire adequate knowledge and skills to provide effective resuscitation, as they are often the first to identify the occurrence of cardiac arrest in any medical emergency within a school setting. Despite the abundance of CPR-related sources available, it was designed with content and coverage explicit for medical sciences backgrounds; therefore, there was a need for a training handbook that was written for the introductory learner, which covers the fundamentals at a reasonable depth. This handbook describes the steps and processes involved in acquiring, retaining, and executing the most effective method for rendering Basic Life Support (BLS). The handbook, however, is not intended to be used as a single resource; additional hands-on practice is very important and should be accompanied simultaneously to ensure the successful acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Instructor Biography

Muhamad Nur Fariduddin (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer of Health Education from the Department of Physical and Health Education, Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi MARA. He has been teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) at university and in several industries. His research area focuses on the application of simulation and debriefing models in resuscitation training. As a member of the Malaysian Society of Simulation in Healthcare Professionals (MaSSH), he actively involved in conducting workshops and talks, developing several modules, and published several indexed articles and research books. His awards include GOT for his Ph.D., national champion, and best oral and poster presenter in several conferences and innovation competitions.

Mawarni Mohamed is an Associate Professor at the Universiti Teknologi MARA. She started her career as an English teacher at Selangor Secondary School. She received a Ministry of Education scholarship for the TESL programme. She obtained her Masters in Sports Science from New South Wales University, Australia. Her PhD was obtained from the University of Malaya, and her thesis covered Management and Policy relating to Youth Leisure Activities. Her research interests focus on youth, special needs students, leisure time, recreation, and physical education. She actively involves herself in student programs, as well as in NGOs. She has won medals for teaching innovations, presented papers at several conferences at the national and international level, published articles in several journals, and co-authored books and manuals.

Mohd Johar Jaafar is a medical lecturer of the Medical Faculty Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He received a degree as a medical doctor from UKM in 1996, and a Master degree in Surgery (Ortho) from the same university, in 2007, then joined the Department of Emergency Medicine, as a clinical specialist, and in 2010 was promoted to medical lecturer in Emergency Medicine. He received his mini-fellowship in simulation from the WISER University of Pittsburgh in 2011. His current research interests include innovation in medical education and medical devices in acute trauma. He is a member of the Malaysia Society for Simulation in Healthcare (MaSSH), and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, and he is actively involved with the American Heart Association (AHA) as an instructor for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) courses.

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