This is the part 1 of the lecture: Form 1 Mathematics Chapter 1: Rational Number. In this lesson you will understand the basics of integer and rational number. You will master the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of number involving "+" and "-" numbers. You will find the effective way to solve interger problems.


Welcome to the lesson Part 1 of note for Form 1 Math Chapter 1 Rational Number. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of rational number. You will know the basic operation of integers involving positive and negative numbers. You will understand the sum, subtraction, multiplication and division of integer.

1) Understand the fundamental of integer operation

2) Learn to add, minus, multiply and divide in the integer operation

3) Learn the theory of number line and apply it in integer operation

Instructor Biography

I am a home tutor. I have 3 year teaching experience in PLMM tuition centre before. For me, teaching is to transfer knowledge to the next generation to influence students to unleash their potential. I have taught 9 students for home tuition currently. I can teach all subjects including Kindergarten, Primary 1-6 (UPSR, Singapore Syllabus), Secondary Form 1-6 (PT3, SPM, STPM, Matriculation, O level, A level, ICGSE, IB, Private/International School), University (Engineering Math), Piano/keyboard, guitar, music theory, music composition. Besides, I was the piano teacher at Yamaha and performer at official occasion. I teach piano too if customer requests. I have student testimonials in my profile where students showed improvement in academic.

Before teaching, I will discuss my teaching method with parents with 5 minutes. For my teaching method, first I will do test for student to understand their weakness. Next, the suitable exercises and notes were given to the student to correct their weakness. Then, the repetitive exercises are done to excel student's performance. Before ending class, I will make a conclusion for today study. Next week I will revise learnt lesson. Before leaving, I will report student performance to parent with 5 minutes.

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