The use of bills of quantities is a well-established mean of enabling the financial control and management of civil engineering works. The key to the success of the use of bills of quantities is a clear understanding by all parties to the contract of what is and is not included, in the measurement. This gives rise to the requirement for clearly defined standard methods of measurement, hence "Measurement of Civil Engineering Works based on the Malaysian CESMM" is created.

This book is separated into two parts; methods of how to kick start doing a civil engineering taking off and the explanatory notes on Malaysian CESMM, and the other contains the worked examples. This format is adopted mainly due to the majority of the practical worked examples inevitably contain several work classes in their construction processes, whereby they could not be readily fitted into any one particular explanatory chapter.

Instructor Biography

Assoc. Prof. Sr. Hajjah Sabaria binti Haji Hassan MISM, MRICS holds a Masters degree in Construction Project Management, Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying as well as Diploma in Translation. She was the Head of Department of Quantity Surveying, Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA. Currently, she is an associate professor at the same faculty, who has been teaching Civil Engineering Measurements since 1984 and actively involved in various research projects, locally and beyond the borders of Malaysia. In addition, translating technical books is also her forte.

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