A Handbook of Assembly Language is useful for students who are taking computer organization courses. It briefly presents all the importan aspects about assembly language. It begins with an introduction to assembly. Then, it introduces data representation and registers as they complement the learning of the assembly language. Then, it goes on to describe the basic elements of assembly language: data definitions, lables and comments.

The rest of the handbook focuses on the instruction set of assembly language. The book gradually introduces the instruction, starting with data movement, arithmetic, Boolean, comparison, shift and rotate and then controlling program flow instructions. Most of the time, the handbook uses short program examples in the explanation. There are also programming exercises provided in most topics.

The handbook is also useful for students who have had programming in high level computer language because it gives them an opportunity to learn about low level language i.e. assembly language. It is hoped that this handbook will give sufficient material for them to learn and probably write a simple program in assembly.

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The authors, Mazliana Hasnan, Azlin Dahlan, Norazmah Mat Yusoff and Rozmawati Mohd Yusof.


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    Thought this e-book comes with a pdf file. Instead, you people expect me to login to this account every time I want to read it. Very difficult and wasting my time. Hope you people improve this.

    10/06/2021 12:39:49

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