The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship is a textbook catered for undergraduate and diploma students. The book encompasses comprehensive information on the concepts of developing and starting a business and preparing a detailed business plan. The book introduces the readers to the importance of entrepreneurship, entrepeneurial motivation and competencies, creativity and innovation, business opportunitires, formulation of business and the support system and legal structure, with the main focus on the content of a viable Business Plan. Beside students, this book will also be of immense value of the entrepreneurs who are planning or starting a business venture. The information provided in this book will benefit academicians, entrepreneurs, researchers and industrial practitioners as the book compiles and illuminates on the basics of entrepreneurship. It is hope that this book would help its readers in understanding entrepreneurship spectrum while preparing for a Business Plan.

Instructor Biography

Azlin Shafinaz Arshad (PhD) is a senior lecturer at Malaysian Academy of SME & Entrepreneurship Developement (MASMED), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). She has 19 years’ experience in teaching entrepreneurship and financial management to undergraduate and postgraduate students beside giving talks and training courses on entrepreneurship, business planning as well as financial management. Her research interest in in Entrepreneurship, Entrepeneurial Orientation, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Women Entrepeneur. She has written numerous research articles in indexed and refereed journals and present papers at international and national conferences.


Yasmin Kamall Khan received her PhD from the University of South Australia in Adelaide. She holds a degree in Business Management and Master’s degree in Business Administration, both completed in her home country, Malaysia. Currently, Yasmin is a Senior Lecturer in Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia, a position in which she has served for the 16 years. She is attached with MASMED where the main objective of the department is to create and develop kowledgeable, entreprising and effective outlined by the Ministry of Education. Her present research interests involve intelectual capital and innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises.


Zanariah Zainal Abidin is an educator and trainer in entrepreneurship. She has over 25 years’ experience in teaching entrepreneurship to university students and has actively contributed in entrepreneurship program development and implementation towards developing an innovative entrepreneurial culture among the university community especially students. She has attended numerous entrepreneurship training and is a trainer and business mentor at national level. Zanariah is a certified business counsellor and has conducted business diagnosis sessions in local small and medium sized businesses in service and manufacturing. She is also an accredited business consultant certified by an Australian based organization specializing in high performance business.


Laila Mohammad Kamaruddin is a senior lecturer at Malaysian Academy of SME & Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). She has been serving UiTM for 32 years and has a vast experience in teaching entrepreneurship to small business owners as well as university students. She has contributed in various entrepreneurship program development at university level, national level and international level. She actively involves in numerous entrepreneurship training and courses conducted locally and internationally. She is a certified trainer, a business coach, a business mentor as well as an entrepreneur.


Sharifah Zannierah Syed Marzuki is the Head of Department of Research at Malaysian Academy of SME & Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor. She has been serving UiTM for almost 18 years and prior joining the University, she has worked at several private organisations in the line of quality and operations management. Her research interest is in halal foodways, marketing and entrepreneurship. She is also an experienced writer and she has written in local and international books, produced chapter of books and edited books on halal and business matters.


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    It so troublesome to flip the book one by one page,i need in pdf version

    30/05/2024 08:44:52

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    The online book's content is good, but using it can be a hassle. Navigating between pages takes too long, and there's no easy way to jump to specific chapters. The text quality is inconsistent, sometimes blurry, which makes reading uncomfortable. Plus, when you zoom in for clarity, it resets every time you turn the page, making it annoying to read. Improving these issues would make the book much more enjoyable to use.

    17/05/2024 07:50:49

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    the font seem blur.

    07/11/2023 01:12:58

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    Update please. There are so many pages, so imagine how much time it takes to go to the back pages. The page turning is also slow.

    08/10/2023 14:36:27

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    Can accept if ebook cant be downloaded but please upgrade the features such as go through pages instead of search, the notes and bookmarks section that easy to manage.

    07/11/2022 07:18:20

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