Have you ever had the sense of lost in your tasks of writing the proposal and thesis? Well, look no further, as this book can help you to ace those tasks! It is a one-stop book for those who need guidance, ideas, and skills in writing. Stuck at the start? There are chapters on writing a good introduction and a literature review. Further down the road, the problem statement and methodology parts are also available. Looking for clues in reporting, data analysing, and discussion of results? Our authors have provided guidelines on those parts too! If you are still citing articles manually and feel that formatting in a word processor is a tedious task, you should try following the step-by-step guides in using Mendeley, Endnotes, and Microsoft Word. This is not a magic book, but the magic of the book can do wonders for your writing tasks.

Instructor Biography

Ang Lee Sin is the editor of this book chapter, which consists of essays from the various authors of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis Branch. The subject areas include biology, chemistry, physics, marine technology, and polymer technology. Two postgraduate students who have worked as graduate assistants have also joined the writing team. Experiences in teaching, guiding, and handling undergraduate and postgraduate students are incorporated into this book, in which each chapter is written to help the students write better theses. Other credentials of the authors include published works in study modules, book chapters, and research articles in local and international journals.

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