Pusat Penyelidikan Pertanian Tun Razak (PPPTR) or Tun Razak Agricultural Research Centre is located bordering Jerantut and Jengka, Pahang. This research centre was established in the year 1968 and inaugurated by Malaysia's second Prime Minister, Y.A.B. Tun Abdul Razak Hussien on 3rd February 1972. PPPTR area consists of offices, residential neighborhood, resort, golf courses, and facilities, including clinics and schools, all of which are surrounded by modified agricultural landscapes and forested edges. The naturally enhanced landscape includes oil palm plantations and orchards that have a great impact on the economic sector. Since its establishment about 55th years ago, the diversity of PPPTR has been documented independently.

The mixed landscape of agriculture, settlement, and forest in PPPTR provides sources of economic and social development as well as various floral and faunal species. These encapsulate all the elements of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) that align with the sustainable plantation model.

Instructor Biography

ZAHARUDDIN MOHD SAID is the Head of Pusat Penyelidikan Pertanian Tun Razak (PPPTR). His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Botany) from the University of Malaya. In 2012, he received a Diploma in Basic Management from the Australian Institute of Management. He has been appointed as the Head of PPPTR since August 2022, with additional responsibilities as the Head of the Manufacturing Operational Department and Analytical Laboratory.

WAN MOHD NAZRI WAN ABDUL RAHMAN is a Professor of Wood Industry at the Universiti Teknologi MARA Pahang Branch. In the year 2000, he began teaching at UiTM. At Universiti Putra Malaysia, he earned a Bachelor of Science (Forestry) in 1998 and a Master of Science (Timber Management) in 2000. He also earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from UiTM in 2009.

NUR AMALINA MOHD IZAM is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA Pahang Branch. In 2019, she earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Biology) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her major is zoology, with a focus on herpetology.

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