Physical Examination of Surgical Short Cases is the initial clinical assessment on surgical patients, consisting of a set of clinical tests performed over five to 10 minutes in order to come to a diagnosis. This book emphasises on proper techniques of examination and sequence of examination steps. The descriptions of techniques are simplified, to be more of “how to do it”, and steps of examination are in point form, so that it is easily read, remembered and practised.

Topics included cover all common diseases in surgical outpatient clinic and inpatients. The content of this book had been discussed extensively and received a consensus among lecturers cum surgeons, to ensure its credibility and to confirm standardisation of teaching. We hope that this book will help undergraduates to acquire strong foundation on physical examination of surgical cases.

Instructor Biography

Yahya Mohd Aripin, MBBS, MS, is the Consultant General, Breast and Endocrine Surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine UiTM. He has been involved in teaching medical undergraduates since 2003, initially in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and later in UiTM since 2012. He is the Head of Department of General Surgery.

Kadhim Jawad Obaid, MBChB, CABS, FICMS, is a Senior General Surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine UiTM. He is a member of Iraqi and Arabic Board of General Surgery. He is the Posting Coordinator at the Department of General Surgery.

Mohd Zamrin Dimon, MD, MS, FAD, is a Professor of Surgery and Senior Consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine UiTM. He is the Dean of the Faculty.

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