Designed for courses in business mathematics offered in various diploma and degree programs of different disciplines, the first five chapters of the book Business Mathematics review the basic fundamentals of mathematics, which are not excessively rigorous, but are sufficient as a clear and useful background to the various chapters in business. The remaining eight chapters in business focus on the core competencies and skills for most of the key areas of business, and help students succeed in the classrooms and beyond, whether in another course or in the workplace.

The book uses everyday language, and is presented in an inviting format, which make the reading experience more enjoyable. Other key features of this book include:

- An introduction, chapter outline, and learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter.

- Numerous fully worked examples.

- A set of exercises at the end of each sub-unit.

- Concept review and a set of supplementary exercises covering all aspects at the end of each chapter.

Instructor Biography

Paul Lau Ngee Kiong



Paul Lau Ngee Kiong (PM Dr.)
Rasidah Mahdi (PM Dr.)
Chong Leng Fook
Badron Abdul Manaf
Hwa Tee Yong (Dr.)
Lau Sie Hoe (Dr.)
Ling Siew Eng (Dr.)
Ling Siew Ching
Liew Ching Ying
Syah Runiza Bt Ahmad Bakri
Tang Howe Eng (Dr.)
Tuh Moi Hua

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